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The Long Ryders – Native Sons (Deluxe Reissue)
Native Sons Final Wild Son/ Still Get By/ Ivory Tower/ Run Dusty Run/ (Sweet) Mental Revenge/ Fair Game/ Tell It To The Judge On Sunday/ Wreck Of The 809/ Too Close To The Light/ Never Got To Meet Her/ I Had A Dream/ Join My Gang (first of sixfrom tracks 10-5-60 EP)/ You Don’t Know What’s Right, You Don’t Know What’s Wrong/ 10-5-60/ Born To Believe In You/ The Trip/ And She Rides/ Time Keeps Travelling (first of three tracks from abandoned “5 by 5” sessions)/ I Can’t Hide/ Masters Of War/ Still Get By ( first of three tracks Radio Tokyo sessions, 1983)/ 10-5-60/ And She Rides/ Too Close To The Light (b-side mix, UK only)
Prima SID024Native Sons is the album which Jeff Tweedy, Chris Robinson, Kurt Cobain and Gary Louris all bought and loved, influencing their own styles. It was a huge hit on the College Radio/Alternative Charts in the USA in 1984 and by spring 1985 it was number two on the New Musical Express Indie Chart, held off the top spot by the Smiths’ Meat Is Murder. Arguably the most influential and long-lasting release of Sid Griffin’s career Native Sons is now re-released with the entire 10-5-6- EP added as well as three tracks fromt the abandoned 5 By 5 sessions at A&M Studios, the Long Ryders’ first three demos and the B-side Close To The Light, a completely different mix to the LP version. This is the LP which kickstarted Americana and put the “alt” into Alt-Country!

Available May 6th.

The Long Ryders – State Of Our Reunion Live 2004
State of Our Reunion So You Wanna Be A Rock & Roll Star?/Lights Of Downtown/You Don’t Know What’s Right, You Don’t Know What’s Wrong/A Stitch In Time/Prairie Fire/Wreck Of The 809/Gunslinger Man/Years Long Ago/I Can’t Hide/Ivory Tower/Capturing The Flag/Band Introduction (Glasgow)/I Had A Dream/Final Wild Son/(Sweet) Mental Revenge/State Of Our Union/Looking For Lewis & Clark/Louisville/10-5-60
Prima SID021For their first live gigs in seventeen years (!) the Long Ryders knew the pressure was on. But they kicked ass and took names and you can hear the results on this stellar recording from their London gig. Cut on a hot summer night the sold out venue turned punters away and the result was a classic live album which can be filed next to Get Your Ya-Ya’s Out, Live At The Apollo or Kick Out The Jams. Featuring the classic lineup of ex-Jayhawk Stephen McCarthy, Indiana state senator Tom Stevens, publishing mogul Greg Sowders and Dylan author Sid Griffin.
The Best of the Long Ryders
The Best of the Long Ryders 1) Looking For Lewis & Clark (long version)
2) Lights Of Downtown
3) Years Long Ago
4) Gunslinger Man
5) I Want You Bad
6) A Stitch In Time
7) Man Of Misery
8) If I Were A Bramble And You Were A Rose
9) Capturing The Flag (live)
10) State Of My Union
11) Final Wild Son
12) Ivory Tower
13) (Sweet) Mental Revenge
14) I Had A Dream
15) You Don’t Know What’s Right, You Don’t Know What’s Wrong
16) And She Rides
17) Masters Of War
18) I Can’t Hide
Prima SID016

The first ever single CD Long Ryders compilation features tracks from across their entire career and from every label the band were on. Featuring liner notes from the rhythm section of Tom Stevens and Greg Sowders as well as Pete Frame’s very informative Long Ryders Family Tree this release includes over a dozen previously unseen photographs of the band in their heyday. This is the one Long Ryders CD to have if you only want one and an excellent introduction to the Founding Fathers of alt-country. Officially Prima Records bestselling CD as of May 1, 2008.

Three Minute Warnings
Three Minute Warnings Prairie Fire/Lights Of Downtown/Man Of Misery/A Stitch In Time/State Of My Union/Harriet Tubman’s Going To Carry Me Home/Capturing The Flag/Long Story Short/Baby’s In Toyland/I Want You Bad/Spectacular Fall/I Had A Dream/You Just Can’t Ride The Boxcars Anymore/Gunslinger Man/Looking For Lewis & Clark/Prisoners Of Rock/10-5-60
Prima SID015(CD)

A great recording of the Long Ryders show at the Bottom Line in New York City on 7th May 1987 as broadcast live on FM. A wonderful showcase for a rocking fine band, the CD booklet has liner notes by the band’s long time and long suffering manager John Guarnieri. Reviews in Rolling Stone (USA), The Sunday Times, Q, Mojo, UnCut et al were all estatic!

The Long Ryders Anthology
The Long Ryders Anthology Disc One:
10-5-60/And She Rides/Born To Believe In You/You Don’t Know What’s Right, You Don’t Know What’s Wrong/Join My Gang/Final Wild Son/Ivory Tower/Still Get By/Run Dusty Run/(Sweet) Mental Revenge/Fair Game/Too Close To The Light/I Had A Dream/I’ll Get Out Somehow*/Masters Of War**/I Can’t Hide**/Lights Of Downtown/Mason-Dixon Line/Capturing The Flag/Years Long Ago
Disc Two:
Looking For Lewis And Clark (long version)/State Of My Union/Two Kinds Of Love/If I Were A Bramble And You Were A Rose/Christmas In New Zealand/Basic Black*/Pushin’ Uphill*/He Can Hear His Brother Calling*/17 Ways*/He’s Got Himself A Young Girl (And He Can’t Keep Up)*/Gunslinger Man/I Want You Bad/A Stitch In Time/Baby’s In Toyland/Harriet Tubman’s Gonna Carry Me Home*/The Light Gets In The Way*/Spectacular Fall/Flak Jacket/Ring Bells/Prisoners Of Rock’N’Roll (live)
Polygram Records 314 558 280 (USA) (2xCD)Released in July 1998, this 40 track compilation covers every period of The Long Ryders’ influential existence. Every note has been expertly remastered by sonic expert Bill Inglot so the sound quality throughout is stunning. The booklet includes great sleevenotes by Rolling Stone’s David Fricke and a fine selection of photographs. Tracks marked * above are previously unreleased demos, whilst those marked ** are previously unreleased final recordings. All the unreleased tracks were mixed by Sid Griffin in Los Angeles in early 1998. The Light Gets In The Way is listed on the CD as being the album version but sounds like the demo version to everyone in the Prima Records Office. The long version of Looking For Lewis And Clark from the ten inch single release makes its first appearance on CD. Unfortunately this wonderful compilation has only been released in the USA.

Now out of print.


BBC Radio One Live In Concert
BBC Radio One Live in Concert Prairie Fire/A Stitch In Time/Harriet Tubman’s Gonna Carry Me Home/I Want You Bad/I Had A Dream/You Just Can’t Ride The Boxcars Anymore/Gunslinger Man/Looking For Lewis And Clark/Ivory Tower/Final Wild Son/State Of My Union/Lights Of Downtown
Windsong WINCD 058 (CD)

A 1994 release of recordings made and broadcast by the BBC. Recorded live at the Mayfair Club, Newcastle, 3.6.87, except for the last four tracks which were recorded for the Andy Kershaw show at the Chester Rendezvous Club, 15.10.85. An very well recorded live performance captured with typical great care by BBC engineers, an especially noteworthy achievement when you consider a rather ugly fight broke out in the mosh pit during the Chester performance which involved a good half dozen male Brits whopping the beejeezus out of each other for about fifteen minutes till order was restored. NOW OUT OF PRINT but God gave us eBay so go for it!

Metallic B.O.
Metallic B.O. You’re Gonna Miss Me/Route 66/Brand New Heartache/Prisoners Of Rock’N’Roll/Dirty Old Town/Is Anyone Going To San Antone*/BillyJean/Circle ‘Round The Sun/I Want You Bad*/Six Days On The Road/Anarchy In The U.K./What Goes On*/Masters Of War/Sandwich Man/Greenville Trestle*/Blues Theme/P.I.L. Theme/I Shall Be Released
r.o.w.y.c.b. prod 002 (CASS); Overground OVER16(CD); Prima SID001(CD)A compendium of live tracks, out takes and snippets of radio interviews. The original release was an 86 minute Long Ryders authorized fan club cassette, which was edited for CD reissue by Overground and, more recently, Prima Records by omission of the tracks marked *. Now officially out of print. Shame!
Go to the Emusic download page for tracks from this album.
Two Fisted Tales
Two Fisted Tales Two Fisted Tales Gunslinger Man/I Want You Bad/A Stitch In Time/The Light Gets In The Way/Prairie Fire/Baby’s In Toyland/Long Story Short/Man Of Misery/Harriet Tubman’s Gonna Carry Me Home/For The Rest Of My Days/Spectacular Fall/Ring Bells*/State Of My Union(live)*/Time Keeps Travelling*/Baby We All Gotta Go Down(live)*
Island ILPS9869(LP), 7 90594-2(CD); Prima SID005(CD)

The Long Ryders’ final studio album from 1987, reissued in a deluxe edition containing four bonus tracks, marked * above, by Prima Records in February 1996. The new edition also includes heartfelt sleeve notes by Long Ryders’ drummer Greg Sowders who is now a song publishing expert at Warner-Chappell in his native Los Angeles (or so he says.)

Deluxe edition now out of print.
State Of Our Union
State of Our Union Looking for Lewis and Clark/Lights of Downtown/WDIA/Mason-Dixon Line/Here Comes That Train Again/Years Long Ago/Good Times Tomorrow, Hard Times Today/Two Kinds Of Love/You Just Can’t Ride The Boxcars Anymore/Capturing The Flag/State Of My Union/If I Were a Bramble and You Were a Rose*/Southside of the Story*/Child Bride*/Christmas in New Zealand*
Island ILPS9802(LP); Prima SID003(CD)The band’s most well known and highest charting album and one which features their biggest chart hit. Reissued by Prima Records in a remastered and extended form including the bonus tracks marked *. Universal Records (UK) almost released this CD once again in summer 2004 on the strength of the Long Ryders State Of Our Reunion Tour but at the last second cancelled their plans. (Bean counters run the record biz now, a pity.) Now out of print.
A Conversation With The Long Ryders – State Of Our Union Island LR1(LP)
A Conversation With The Long Ryders

A promotional LP containing interviews with the Long Ryders in between the album tracks. Copies are occasionally seen in specialist record shops and on eBay going for ridiculous prices. Sid recently sold his entire record collection as it was in very expensive storage in L. A. so if you have a copy to spare let Sid buy it from you. Thanks. You could send it to: Prima Records, P.O. Box 2539, London, England NW3 6DF, United Kingdom

Native Sons
Native Sons Final Wild Son/Still Get By/Ivory Tower/Run Dusty Run/(Sweet) Mental Revenge/Fair Game/Tell It To The Judge On Sunday/Wreck Of The 809/Too Close To the Light/Never Got To Meet The Mom/I Had A Dream
Frontier (LP,CD); Zippo ZONG(CD)003 (LP,CD); Demon/Diabolo DIAB821(CD)The first full length album, and a fixture of the indie charts in 1984. The Frontier and Zippo CD versions include the 10-5-60 mini album, but the latest Demon/Diabolo version (1996) does not. This classic is from the days when only The Smiths were a more popular indie band than the Ryders in Europe and when only The Replacements were a more popular indie band in the USA. Rumor has it Prima will be able to re-release this in late autumn 2008 with extra tracks in a Deluxe Edition.
10-5-60 PVC PVC5906(LP); Zippo ZANE004(LP)
10-5-60 Join My Gang/I Don’t Care What’s Right, I Don’t Care What’s Wrong/10-5-60/The Trip*/And She Rides/Born to Believe In You
The first release in 1983 by the Long Ryders with Des Brewer on bass. Reissued by Demon/Zippo in the UK in 1987 with an extra track, The Trip, dating from 1985, and included on some CD releases of Native Sons. Though he did not play on the album archivist Tom Stevens has assembled some outtakes and never before heard tunes for Prima’s full length reissue in 2009.
Rockin’ At The Roxy
Rockin' At The Roxy Long Ryders live in 1986:
Lights Of Downtown/Good Times Tomorrow, Hard Times Today/Run Dusty Run/You Just Can’t Ride The Boxcars Anymore/Time Keeps Travelling/Ivory Tower/Capturing The Flag/Too Close To The Light/I Had A Dream/Final Wild Son/Wreck Of The 809/State Of My Union/Still Get By/Looking For Lewis And Clark/Tell It To The Judge On Sunday/10-5-60Sid Griffin solo session, 2001:
Jimmy Reed/Flak Jacket/Capturing The Flag/Faithless Disciple/Emily In Ginger
Classic Pictures DVD1093X (UK) (DVD)
In 1986 a Long Ryders show at the Roxy Theatre in Hollywood was taped for TV broadcast in Europe. This has just been released on DVD by Classic Pictures. Bonus materal on the disk includes an exclusive and quite wonderful five song solo session by Sid Griffin recorded in late 2001 in Shepperton, England. Available from amazon.co.uk and amazon.com.


UK SINGLES* I Want You Bad c/w Ring Bells, State Of My Union(live) Island (12)IS730 (7″, 12″)
* Looking For Lewis And Clark(extended version) c/w Child Bride, Southside Of The Story, If I Were A Bramble And You Were A Rose Island 10IS237 (10″)
* Looking For Lewis And Clark c/w Child Bride & Southside Of The Story c/w If I Were A Bramble And You Were A Rose Island ISD237 (2 x 7″)
* I Had A Dream c/w Too Close To The Light (Buckskin Mix) Zippo 45-2 (7″)    

RELEASES AS “THE SPINNING WHIGHATS”* Christmas In New ZealandLYN16928 (7″ flexidisk)
A very rare flexidisk, given away at a few selected gigs. Since included on the Prima reissue of State Of Our Union and on The Long Ryders Anthology.
* Encore From Hell, 10-5-60BOB11 (7″ flexidisk)
Given free with Bucketful Of Brains issue 17, Encore From Hell features Sid reading reviews of the State Of Our Union album, both tracks are live recordings.
* Baby We All Gotta Go Down What A Nice Way To Turn Seventeen – Number 6 (LP)
A live version of a song originally recorded by Danny & Dusty (who included several Long Ryders) for the LP The Lost Weekend. Included on the Prima deluxe edition of Two Fisted Tales. WANWTTS was an innovative fanzine which combined a magazine with a full length vinyl LP.
* I Can’t Hide real.006, 10072915 (7″ flexidisk)
A cover of the Flamin’ Groovies song given free with issue 28 of The Bob magazine. This version gained a more official release in 1998 on The Long Ryders Anthology.    

Listed in reverse chronological order:


Looking For Lewis & Clark
Best of 2004- Reissues, Volume Two A collection of fifteen songs given away free with a purchase of Uncut magazine in November this compilation celebrates the Best Of 2004’s reissued CDs and hence makes reference to Prima Record Ltd.’s June release The Best Of The Long Ryders. Note this is one of two CDs given away with the magazine (Uncut 2004 12-B) and is Volume Two so it is entirely possible to buy the exact same magazine with Volume One attached and then arrive home and find you do not have the CD with the Long Ryders on it.
Best of 2004- Reissues, Volume Two (Uncut 2004 12-B)
You Don’t Know What’s Wrong, You Don’t Know What’s Right
The Rough Guide To Americana A twenty track compilation of americana/alternative country/insurgent country/no depression acts, this features Carousel Days by Western Electric as one of the latest and most modern examples of the genre and also You Don’t Know What’s Wrong, You Don’t Know What’s Right by the Long Ryders as one of the earliest. Other standout tracks are by such great artistes as Cowboy Nation, Dave Alvin and The Handsome Family. NOW OUT OF PRINT
“The Rough Guide To Americana”, World Music Network RGNET1080CD (CD), 2001
Looking For Lewis And Clark
Beating Up The Campus Subtitled 18 College Rock Classics Of The 80s, this collection was complied and annotated by Sid Griffin and amongst the 18 acts includes tracks by REM, Los Lobos, The Dream Syndicate, The Blasters, and one of our personal favourites, the often overlooked Rank & File.
“Beating Up The Campus”, Debutante/Polygram 553 429-2 (CD), 1997
Final Wild Son
Shades, Guitars, Stripes & Stars The Native Sons track is included on this collection of 15 examples of 80s American roots rock. Other acts featured include Los Lobos, The Beat Farmers, Steve Earle, Georgia Satellites and Jason & The Scorchers.
“Shades, Guitars, Stripes & Stars”, Connoisseur Collection VSOPCD 225 (CD), 1996
Tell It To The Judge On Sunday
Americanism A selection of 16 80s American guitar bands such as The Dream Syndicate, ‘Til Tuesday, Green On Red, E.I.E.I.O and so forth and including this extract from Native Sons.
“Americanism”, Nectar Masters NTMCD 509 (CD), 1996
The Light Gets In the Way”l’album di Country Music”, BMG Ariola (Italy) ND 75099 (2CD), 1992
A double CD Italian compilation, the Long Ryders are track 17 on disc two.
Still Get By
The Radio Tokyo Tapes An early recording of the song later included on Native Sons, this features Des Brewer on bass. The LP is a compilation of 17 Los Angeles bands, other acts include The Bangles, The Three O’Clock and The Rain Parade.
“The Radio Tokyo Tapes”, Ear Movie Records EM C0027 (LP), 1983
And She Rides
The Rebel Kind The Long Ryders’ And She Rides was featured in this collection of garage rock and psychedelia tracks. If anyone has a CD copy of this album can they let Sid know, please? And if anyone can please burn Sid a clean CD-R of And She Rides and mail it to the Prima post office box he’d send them a free Prima CD of their choice. True!
“The Rebel Kind”, Sounds Interesting SILP-011 (LP), 1983
The Long Ryders


Native Sons Outtakes 7/84 & Roxy 11/3/86

Native Sons Outtakes 7/84 & Roxy 11/3/86 Still Get By/Run Dusty Run/Final Wild Son/Time Keeps Travelling/Too Close To The Light/Masters Of War/(Sweet) Mental Revenge/Ivory Tower/Never Got To Meet The Mom/Fair Game/Wreck Of The 809/Tell It To The Judge On Sunday/If I Were A Carpenter/I’ll Get Out Somehow/I Had A Dream/The Trip/Never Got To Meet The Mom/Time Between/(Sweet) Mental Revenge/Have You Seen Her Face/You Ain’t Going Nowhere
CD-R, No label or catalogue details (CD)

This is a rather low-fi bootleg release by modern standards but quite popular, it still pops up where fine bootlegs are sold now and then. The last four tracks are the most interesting as ex-Byrd Chris Hillman guests with the Long Ryders on stage at the Roxy in Hollywood.

The End Of The Trail
eotts Prairie Fire/Lights Of Downtown/Man Of Misery/Stitch In Time/State Of My Union/Harriet Tubman’s Gonna Carry Me Home/Capturing The Flag/Long Story Short/Baby’s In Toyland/I Want You Bad/Spectacular Fall/I Had A Dream/You Just Can’t Ride The Boxcars Anymore/Gunslinger Man/Looking For Lewis And Clark/Prisoners Of Rock’N’Roll/10-5-60
Massive Attack Discs 990129 (CD)A great bootleg CD taken from an FM broadcast of the show at the Bottom Line in New York City on 7th May 1987. This is the very same release as the new official Long Ryders album Three Minute Warnings: The Long Ryders Live In New York City on Prima Records (SID015). However Three Minute Warnings has much, much better sound as it is from the original master tapes.Interestingly enough those original master tapes ran out with some ninety seconds left in the concert so the tail end of 10-5-60 on Three Minute Warnings is actually a digital edit from The End Of The Trail bootleg!
Go to the Emusic download page for tracks from this album.
Sounds Of An Empty Pint Final Wild Son/(Sweet) Mental Revenge/Run Dusty Run/Lights Of Downtown/Good Times Tomorrow,Hard Times Today/Masters Of War/I Had A Dream/Ivory Tower/Wreck Of The 809/State Of My Union/You Just Can’t Ride The Boxcars Anymore/Looking For Lewis And Clark/Tell It To The Judge On Sunday/Six Days On The Road
A bootleg LP, recorded on the State OfOur Union UK tour at Newcastle University, 19.10.85. A wonderful document of a wonderful time. Prima recently figured out who recorded and released it. Well done, put it out on CD now, you Geordie git!