Long Ryders T-Shirts and more…

Many of you asked if we could make the Final Wild Songs tour merch available online and so the Long Ryders Store is now online at thelongryders.com/store/

We have the Final Wild Songs Tour T-shirts and Posters as well as back catalogue CDs and DVDs.

The Long Ryders 2016 Tour T-Shirt

Shirt sizes and some product lines are quite limited in number so its first come, first served. These shirts may not be reprinted so once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Other Long Ryders News…

The Long Ryders tour of Europe was a two week tour of twelve concerts, two radio sessions, four countries, and five flights by a quartet of very happy musicians.

Since then Offers have come in for the Long Ryders to play later this year both Down Under and on the east coast of the USA. Please watch this space for more developments… The band is thrilled at the enthusiasm of their fans.

Cherry Red Records announced two weeks ago Final Wild Songs, the Long Ryders box set they released in January, was their single biggest selling item in the first quarter of 2016. Uncork the champagne! Plans are afoot for more Long Ryders reissues but nothing will appear till 2017 at the earliest and probably 2018 is a tad more realistic.

In the meantime Sid and his army of financial advisors are hoping to secure a Best Of The Long Ryders-styled release for the USA. Remember the two CD set from 1998, Long Ryders Anthology, is out of print, and remember too a USA compilation would of course increase demand for the band to saddle up again and play their native land. As LR drummer Greg Sowders says, “hey, any tour…is a free vacation, right?”.

The Long Ryders, Backstage, Madrid 2016

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