Long Ryders mini-documentary and news

There is an eleven minute mini-documentary of the Long Ryders out now, shot last December in Leon, Spain before, after and during the Long Ryders headlining the Purple Festival on the edge of town. Check it out above or at youtube.com/watch?v=cdhjY9SsweA to see footage of 1984/1985’s hottest USA indie act as they relive their Native Sons days.

Yes, Sid Griffin looks like a cadaver in the interview footage (and he didn’t have flu then!) but what is said…and what is played by a rockin’ band…is really worth hearing and, indeed, seeing.

Further exciting news for Long Ryders fans is there is a four, yes four CD, box set coming out on Cherry Red Records in September 2015. Featuring music from throughout the Long Ryders career this as yet unnamed four CD box set will have many rare and unreleased tracks as well as the “best of” material fans expect from such a collection.

The first three CDs are studio tracks both rare and familiar dating from 1983 to 1986 but the real find, the real thrill, is the fourth CD. This is a live concert recorded March 1985 in Goes, The Netherlands and the Long Ryders are simply in top, top form…totally kicking ass and taking names. Long forgotten about, this concert was uncovered by LR bassist Tom Stevens in his collection and the reel-to-reel was cleaned up and it sounds terrific. Even the stage announcements are entertaining! Proof positive the Long Ryders were a great, great live act.

With artwork by the UK’s most creative graphic designer, Phil Smee, there is no doubt this four CD box set will be talked about by Long Ryders fans for years and years to come. No doubt.

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