The Long Ryders Native Sons : Deluxe Reissue

Native Sons is the album which Jeff Tweedy, Chris Robinson, Kurt Cobain and Gary Louris all bought and loved, influencing their own styles. It was a huge hit on the College Radio/Alternative Charts in the USA in 1984 and by spring 1985 it was number two on the New Musical Express Indie Chart, held off the top spot by the Smiths’ Meat Is Murder.

Arguably the most influential and long-lasting release of Sid Griffin’s career Native Sons is now re-released with the entire 10-5-6- EP added as well as three tracks fromt the abandoned 5 By 5 sessions at A&M Studios, the Long Ryders’ first three demos and the B-side Close To The Light, a completely different mix to the LP version. This is the LP which kickstarted Americana and put the “alt” into Alt-Country!

SID024 – Native Sons – The Long Ryders

Final Wild Son/ Still Get By/ Ivory Tower/ Run Dusty Run/ (Sweet) Mental Revenge/ Fair Game/ Tell It To The Judge On Sunday/ Wreck Of The 809/ Too Close To The Light/ Never Got To Meet Her/ I Had A Dream/ Join My Gang (first of sixfrom tracks 10-5-60 EP)/ You Don’t Know What’s Right, You Don’t Know What’s Wrong/ 10-5-60/ Born To Believe In You/ The Trip/ And She Rides/ Time Keeps Travelling (first of three tracks from abandoned “5 by 5″ sessions) / I Can’t Hide/ Masters Of War/ Still Get By ( first of three tracks Radio Tokyo sessions, 1983) / 10-5-60/ And She Rides/ Too Close To The Light (b-side mix, UK only)

You can buy it here on via the links below or in the Sid Griffin Store with a host of other Prima Records releases.

“One of history’s unjustly neglected groups, the Long Ryders sprang from LA’s Paisley Underground scene and quickly moved from neo-psychedelia to a tough form of country rock. This Waylong Jennings cover from their debut full-length, Native Sons, is (newly reissued) alt-country before alt-country existed.”
Michael Hann, The Guardian

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£11 including P&P (Rest of world)

You can also buy Native Sons via or and you can now also download Long Ryders releases on iTunes.

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