The Long Ryders State Of Our Reunion Live 2004

The Long Ryders - State Of Our Reunion Live 2004DVD Out Now! The Long Ryders – State Of Our Reunion Live 2004

They were the number one Indie/Alternative band in the USA in the mid-1980s and if it wasn’t for The Smiths they would’ve held that crown in the UK as well. The Long Ryders are now seen as a primary ingredient in what is now alt-country or Americana and Sid Griffin & Co. are equally seen as THE link in the chain connecting Gram Parsons then with the Kings Of Leon now. NME cover boys with TV appearances in country after country and with a tour schedule which helped them hone the hottest live show to ever feature a 12-string Rickenbacker, glorious songs and punk energy they had it all!

For their first shows in seventeen years the Long Ryders proved they still had it as they tore the roof off London’s fabled Dingwall’s venue on the hottest night of 2004. Featuring a smokin’ solid hour of footage from that London show and with five extra songs filmed back in their 1985/1986 heyday this is the first authorised Long Ryders DVD and the closest and best way you will ever but ever get to see them!

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