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Due to the differing demands of the record companies involved, Western Electric has been released in alternate configurations for the European and USA markets. (2005 saw the Western Electric debut legally revert back to Prima.) All songs are original compositions, except for Straight From The Heart, which is a previously unreleased Gene Clark song.

The Gadfly Western Electric page contains some further info and soundclips.

Western Electric – European version
Western Electric Theme From Western Electric/Emily In Ginger/10-4/When I’m Out Walking With You/The Power Of Glory/Faithless Disciple/Whirlwind/Love You Down/Carousel Days/Straight From The Heart
The eponymous debut album by Western Electric, in its European configuration. A very elegant combination of trip hop grooves and country soul and twang. Sid Griffin says this is his most accomplished, most fully realised music ever…and then started playing acoustic bluegrass with the Coal Porters! Musicians…’ya can’t trust ’em. However Billboard magazine agreed wth Griffin’s assessment and gave Western Electric a glowing CD review…listen up and hear why.

Munich Records MRCD 199 (Europe excluding GAS territories) and Glitterhouse Records GRCD 485 (Germany/Austria/Switzerland)

Western Electric – US version
Western Electric - US version Everything/The Power Of Glory/When I’m Out Walking With You/Emily In Ginger/10-4/Faithless Disciple/Whirlwind/Memory Captures Time/Carousel Days/Straight From The Heart
Gadfly Records GADFLY 261(USA)

Listed in reverse chronological order:
When You Find Out – Western Electric
A Case For Case: A Tribute To The Songs Of Peter Case The legendarily talented songwriter Peter Case is given hisdue on this three-disc tribute album, proceeds of which benefit the Washington, D.C. charity Hungry For Music’s musicalinstrument donations to underprivileged children.
A Case For Case: A Tribute To The Songs Of Peter Case (3CD), Hungry For Music
Keep On Chooglin’ – Western Electric
Chooglin' - A Tribute To The Songs Of John Fogerty An exclusive and very funky version of the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic on a great 17 track tribute to John Fogerty from Dren Records. Possibly Sid’s favourite Western Electric track of all, it was not available on their album and is only available herein. A remixed version may well be used on the second Western Electric CD scheduled for 2009.
Chooglin’: A Tribute To The Songs Of John Fogerty, Dren Records DNCD018 (CD)
Memory Captures Time – Western Electric
Pop Under The Surface Volume Four This 24 track compilation of jangly pop bands includes the only track which was exclusive to the USA release of the Western Electric album, a tune written by the band’s bass player, a convicted felon. A joint release with Zip Records of San Francisco, mail order is available from Yesterday Girl Records of Sweden.
Pop Under The Surface Volume Four, Yesterday Girl/Zip ZIPGIRL001 (CD)
Carousel Days – Western Electric
The Rough Guide To Americana A twenty track compilation of Americana/alternative country/insurgent country/No Depression acts, this features Carousel Days by Western Electric as one of the post-modern examples of the genre and also You Don’t Know What’s Wrong, You Don’t Know What’s Right by the Long Ryders as one of the earliest. Other standout tracks are by Cowboy Nation (once called Rank & File), Dave Alvin and The Handsome Family.
The Rough Guide To Americana, World Music Network RGNET1080CD (CD)
Sweet Young Thing – Western Electric
Papa Nez: A Loose Salute To The Work Of Michael Nesmith A tribute album saluting the work of Michael Nesmith, including songs from the Monkees and from his solo career. Western Electric provide an atmospheric Sweet Young Thing, a track only available here and other highlights from the 19 tracks include You Told Me by Buddy Woodward and You Just May Be The One by John Jorgenson. Liner notes by Sid Griffin. And yes, Nesmith’s mother did invent Liquid Paper. Fact.
Papa Nez: A Loose Salute To The Work Of Michael Nesmith, Dren Records DNCD015 (CD)
Emily In Ginger (dub mix) – Western Electric
Awesome A compilation of American bands on a Dutch label named after a German town, to quote the cover. Munich Records presents an 11 track budget priced compilation from recent releases, which includes a previously unreleased mix of Emily In Ginger, much different to the version found on Western Electric.
Awesome, Munich Records MSACD13 (CD)
Faithless Disciple – Western Electric
Come Fly With Us This 30 track double CD sampler compilation was released by Glitterhouse in Germany. Note that a single CD with the same artwork was released in other territories but does not feature Western Electric or any of the other acts which Glitterhouse only have the right to release in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Come Fly With Us, Glitterhouse Records GRCD 466 (2CD)