A Christmas Message from Sid

Though the Coal Porters are taking the first half of 2016 off with a single concert appearance in February and another concert in March Sid and his suitcases will be busy! In March Sid will be playing solo gigs in Spain from Wednesday the 16th to Monday the 21st.

The Long Ryders will tour (YES, it is gonna happen!) in Europe starting in Spain on April 23rd and winding it up May 7th in Scandinavia. There will indeed be a London Long Ryders show. Sid will then do some solo gigs in the UK starting June 4th Saturday and finishing Sunday June 12th.

Please contact bookings@sidgriffin.com should you have a venue and promoter hoping to book Sid or the Long Ryders during these tour times

July and August will see the Long Ryders perform in the USA for their first proper American tour in a mere twenty-eight years. And then in September 2016 the Coal Porters reconvene and hit the road to support the release of their new album, No. 6, which we are finishing up now. No. 6 is the Coal Porters sixth release and it will hit the shops in late August of next year.

Specific dates for all of the above concerts will be added to the sidgriffin.com Tour Dates page as soon as the booking agents give them to me but these shows are happening!

In closing please know everyone in the Coal Porters, the Long Ryders, and all the happy staff here at Prima Records Ltd. wish each and every person reading this a very Merry Christmas, a wonderfully Happy New Year and we hope 2016 is a safe, memorable, and sweet, sweet year for all of us! Be safe out there, okay?
Sid Grffin, 2015.

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